Triathlon Training Holidays for Beginners

Are you new to triathlon but don't know where to start? 

Don't know your cleats from your shifters?

Terrified of open water swimming? 

Never fear!  One training holiday with us and you will be well on your way! 

Complete that challenge! 

At Tri Training Harder we have seen a sharp increase in the rise of triathlon beginners, a fact that is perhaps not surprising when you consider that triathlon is the fastest growing sport in the western world.  Last year many of our clients were new to the sport and this year we are expecting to be training even more future triathletes.   

Learn to train intelligently at your own pace, with one of our expert coaches at your side.
People come to this sport from many different back grounds and for a variety of reasons. Some want a personal challenge, others want to get fit, and for many athletes doing a triathlon has now taken the place of the Marathon as the 'go-to Challenge'. There is something for everyone; Sprint distance triathlons offer beginners a chance to get their eye in over a short distance while those looking to push their athletic limits further can choose from Olympic (or 'standard) distance, a middle distance (70.3) or even (although perhaps ambitious for your first triathlon!) an Ironman distance race.  What ever your motivation, and what ever your final goal our coaches at Tri Training Harder are there to guide you.

Every training session is is designed to be educational, challenging and great fun. 

Tri Training Harder takes great pride in being able to provide expert coaching and tailor made sessions for any level of athlete.  Be they professional triathletes or total beginners.  What makes our training holiday's special is the fact that every guest is catered for based on their individual experience, ability and needs.  

From the moment a client books their training holiday we start to learn how best to coach you.  Initially through introductory forms, on arrival we conduct a briefing, and then every session throughout your stay is set up to analyse, teach, and strengthen both your body and your confidence.

Don your new cycling jersey and come and make some new friends. 

On arrival at our 5-star hotel guest enjoy home made cake while being briefed, before heading out on a gentle introductory run through the conservation area that surrounds the hotel. Three training sessions a day are available to take advantage off, which include swimming in a 50m pool and in the blue waters of the Atlantic, cycling through olive groves and past beautiful mountain vineyards, and running on a state of the art running track, the beach and on a cross country running course designed for world champions. As well as standard sessions which are tailored to every individual, our coaches run seminars and transition sessions to help beginners understands the intricacies of their sport, their nutrition and their equipment.

Every session is optional and when not training guest are encouraged to take advantage of the beautiful onsite spa, one of the three swimming pools, the beach and sun! 

You many come to Tri Training Harder not knowing how to sit on a bike, but you will leave us as a fully inaugurated member of the triathlete community! 

Max, (one of our chalet hosts) nailing T1 in his first ever triathlon in Portugal last year!